There once was a woman from down under who was actually born in Africa ....

Lover of Life

I love so much in my life!   My husband, my son, adopted family and friends, my dog, sunshine and the beach, living life thoughtfully and healthily, champagne and gin and tonic, cooking a feast for those I love (preferably enough for a small country), music ranging from Gospel to Classical, dancing and yoga, singing, even though I cannot hold a note, travelling everywhere, making a difference to  people globally, contributing to the charities and projects I am committed to, writing and telling stories, and living life with gratitude.  I love kids and am longing one day to be a grandmother.  I love Australia, and I am proud to be an Australian.   I love visiting Africa where we were born and I love going on safari and I love every animal I see.

I married my childhood sweetheart, My Beloved,  when I was nineteen -  in the village we grew up in - Chingola Northern Rhodesia - a blessed and loving relationship that has spanned over fifty years, which grows happier and stronger every day.  We have one son who is a talented film maker and photographer, happily blessed with a loving heart and film star looks.   Both my darling parents died in 2009 - oh, I loved them absolutely - we shared our lives on a daily basis, and would celebrate "the opening of an envelope" as a dear friend once commented.  Their absence remains a large hole in my life.  I have an older sister and a younger brother, and we have not spoken since shortly after our parents died.


I have written all of my life - diaries, letters, short stories, cards, emails, drafts, magazine articles, brief notes and notebooks of observations.   When I was 15 my best friends mother saw me typing a nonsensical story, and asked to read it.  She exploded with laughter, and said "You must WRITE!"   Discovering I  could be funny was a revelation as I  was still very shy and quiet, something my friends find hard to believe today.  She encouraged me and continued to laugh at everything I wrote.

My husband is my greatest 'raging fan' and has been dogged in his determination for me to write.  He and my son spent hours setting up this blog, something which is not a 'core skill' for me - (OK, I know my friends are now rolling on the floor laughing) - and he has relentlessly reminded me that this is a 'gift' that people would like to read.  

I do hope so. 


Life Coach

For over thirty years worked in Australia and internationally with hundreds of people to discover their potential, maximise their happiness and success, and create a life they love.

For twenty years I dedicated myself to an international non profit organisation for youth, whom I coached individually and facilitated workshops developing leadership and relationship skills, assisting the organisation to grow, including building an orphanage and medical clinic in Kenya and an orphanage and a school in Nepal.   I have worked in outback Australia with Indigenous people of all ages, coaching, mentoring and fostering leadership.

I am intuitive and courageous enough to ask the tough questions.  I listen well and enjoy working with people who are committed to creating extraordinary relationships, those committed to a cause and to making lasting change, and those who love a challenge.  I especially love to work with couples and with young people.  I can help you gain insights, grow personally, and think differently to achieve your dreams - perhaps even things you never thought possible.

My energy, humour, and love of people is reflected in the often extraordinary outcomes people produce in their lives, and I am committed to your success.

What a few clients have said about me

You can count on Sandra to be committed to your success no matter what the circumstances might be. She has an extraordinarily high level of integrity and is ruthless in having you succeed at whatever you set out to accomplish.  She picks up ’bull-shit’ from ten paces and will hold you accountable.    
At times when you "hit the wall", Sandra will be there to help you pick up the pieces and search for alternatives that you may not be able to discover on your own.
Sandra was very apt at confronting me to assist me in achieving my goals. 
I highly recommend Sandra as a coach.   She is loving, insightful, kind and supportive - she is unwavering and direct, and never loses sight of the goals.


A TESTIMONIAL - August 2016

Sandra is a gift.  If you are lucky enough to work with her, total transformation of your life is available and possible.  I am now enjoying success on every level both internally and externally. Most importantly, I am proud of who I have grown into during the coaching, someone with high ethic, deep integrity and heart bursting love for what I do and how I do it.  I am living my truth and passion everyday!

I gained as much from observing Sandra as a person during the coaching series as I did from the sessions themselves.  A role model worth learning from, she herself lives a rich and fulfilled life of passion, adventure, humour, brightness and love.  The wisdom she offers goes beyond any standard of coaching I’ve encountered before - such is her enthusiasm for what she does. 

Under Sandra’s guidance I co-authored 2 books including "That Sugar Guide" and "The Belly Book" - as well as several other smaller side projects. 

Be brave and open yourself to change in the hands of one of the most capable and loving souls around.  To work with Sandra is GOLD!

Zoe Gameau (nee Tuckwell-Smith)

Author/Actor/Mother/Wife – and now a World Changer!