Sandra Groom is one of the clearest, most articulate and astute coaches I know. Her efficacy in guiding people is astounding; her results phenomenal. She has an uncanny ability to meet people wherever they are in their life and get excellent results, whether a tradie or a CEO.  Absolutely to the point, Sandra doesn’t let people get away with “waffling”; she has a great sense of humour, incredible knowledge and for me, more importantly a very generous heart and years and years of being of service to people everywhere. I can’t recommend her work highly enough.

Diane McCann - International Facilitator
& Change Maker and Trainer - Adelaide 5018

Being coached by Sandra will alter your life.  Each time I am coached by her I find myself in action at a level I didn’t know was possible.  The results I now produce in my life and my work are far beyond any expectations I had.  I recommend Sandra wholeheartedly!  If you want coaching - look no more.  You have found the right person!  

Managing Director - The Perth School of Ballet – W.A. 6000

Sandra is the sort of coach that cuts through the bullshit.  If you want to make lasting change in your life, Sandra will guide you through the steps to make it happen.  She says what needs to be said, when it needs to be said.  If you are willing to do the work, she will go all the way with you.  To be the greatest version of who you are, employ Sandra as your coach.

Jane Toohey - Director of Childcare Agency - Queensland 4171

Sandra Groom is a blessing in the form of a woman.  Her uplifting attitude is heart opening, no topics are taboo, and she creates a feeling of safety and trust in moments.   I am grateful for her guidance and to call her my friend. 

 Jess Miller - Luminescence Transpersonal Art Therapy and Massage - S.A. 5162 

I have had the absolute fortune to be a recipient of coaching from Sandra.  A true inspiration, in a number of short coaching sessions she was able deliver a transformation in my thoughts and perspective.   Sandra has been working with me on a very specific project focused on the largest slums in Africa.  This is a project I would not have previously committed to, or thought that I had the skills to undertake. Truly the stage the project is at now would not have been possible without the coaching, words of encouragement, and the support of Sandra.

Kellie Wallis -
Project Manager -NSW 2330

At times when you "hit the wall", Sandra will be there to help you pick up the pieces and search for alternatives that you may not be able to discover on your own.

Sandra was very apt at confronting me to assist me in achieving my goals.

I highly recommend Sandra as a coach. She is loving, insightful, kind and supportive - she is unwavering and direct, and never loses sight of the goals.

ANON - Sydney

Sandra has been an incredible friend and mentor who has coached me through some challenging times in my life.  She helped me gain clarity and identify areas of weakness, and as a result, I was able to create opportunities for growth and success. 

Sandra has an incredibly strong foundation of life experience and success to draw upon and is always listening out for “what now”, “what’s happened” or “what’s next”. The great thing about her approach is there is no bullshit and you can’t hide out or play small.  

james sutton - film & commercial editor, cammeray 2062

I have had the pleasure of having Sandra Groom in my life for the last 2 years.  She is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met.  Her dedication to everyone who is part of her life is outstanding. Her achievements throughout her life have been phenomenal and continue to this day.  On countless occasions she has provided me with guidance and coaching in my personal relationships and helped me notice possibilities that I was blind to.  I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to learn and be guided by such an amazing Woman. 

Pauline der Brossian -                                               
Wife Mother -
 Volunteer - N.S.W. 2066    

You can count on Sandra to be committed to your success no matter what the circumstances might be. She has an extraordinarily high level of integrity and is ruthless in having you succeed at whatever you set out to accomplish. She picks up ’bull-shit’ from ten paces and will hold you accountable.

    ANON - Sydney

Sandra….the master blaster with a feather touch when needed.  She leaves no stone unturned.  Did I get my goals? - You bet!  And some! - And much, much more.  My coach, my dear friend who changed my life.

Deb Saville - Professional Certified Coach &Enter-Trainer!  Co-Founder & Manager of Born to Sing – W.A. 6028

I've known Sandra for more than 25 years - we first met when she was the seminar leader of a leadership programme I was a participant in.  Her coaching was then and still is to this day, generous and powerful, fuelled by love and an uncompromising belief in me.  She simply makes my life better and brings out my best self when I'm in her presence.   Even when I'm faced with a situation that I think is impossible, with Sandra I find a way to bring peace and possibility. 

"Nothing but love and respect for this woman. "

Zoe Sabados - Brand Consultant - N.S.W. 2010

I am so privileged and thankful to have Sandra Groom in my life. At two sensitive and pivotal moments in my life Sandra has been able to give me sound and insightful advice, taking into consideration my immediate goals and my long term dreams .  It takes a skilled and intuitive coach to assimilate broad themes as well as immediate emotional strengths and realities.  I'm most grateful that at times when I'm just too close to the details I can rely on Sandra to access the key elements with clarity and not back away from difficult or awkward things that need to be said and discussed.  She does this with love and respect that goes both ways . When she has coached me , I not only feel heard and supported but lifted -  (extended somehow).  And for this I am grateful.  

Deborah Dicembre - Musician, Artist, Educator – N.S.W. 2535

Sandra Groom is a very rare breed. Her deep passion for integrity is infectious and inspiring and her wise gigantic heart is wildly beautiful. I love her collaborative process; practical, disciplined and guided with laser intuition and compassion. We literally are taking the steps needed to bring dreams into manifested reality. She’s an angel! And this journey has been truly life changing on all humanly levels!

Isabel - Actress - Victoria 3771

Whether for personal or professional coaching Sandra has the chutzpah you are looking for.  I have worked with Sandra at a number of crucial times and what she brings to her coaching turns your life around!  Sandra is a powerful woman who is always on point, straight talking and has a genuine investment in your success.  She knew exactly when to apply ‘a blow torch to my arse’!  With Sandra in your corner you will succeed in whatever challenge and dream you have before you.

Eloise Houseman - Don’t Do Pretty - Fashion Designer- S.A. 5084

Sandra has been a breath of fresh air for me since the day I met her.  She has assisted me in very difficult times after I purchased an almost bankrupt business.  She was there all the way, while I turned it around with my good will.  I came out the other side making money after 12 months of my purchase.  Sandra helped me to overcome my fears, but also helped me to help lots of people indirectly changing their lives, thanks to my successful business. I can't thank her enough.  

Monica Finazzo - Complementary Medicine Therapist - S.A. 5052

Sandra is one of the core people who assisted me in making profound changes in my life.  I often think of her when challenging things occur, and what the coaching series clarified for me all those years ago.

One of the strategies I still use is when I have to attend an important meeting or make an important decision:  I write down all my thoughts and concerns beforehand, and then put them to one side.  I have the opportunity to pick them all up afterwards, but mostly, I’m happy to leave them and start afresh.

Gwen - Early Childhood Education and Carer, 7009.

Sandra Groom you have been a great motivational coach over the past 12yrs. Your energy is inspiring. I’ve laughed I’ve cried with you. Your presence when you arrive has always been uplifting.


Sandra is a gift.  If you are lucky enough to work with her, total transformation of your life is available and possible.  I am now enjoying success on every level both internally and externally. Most importantly, I am proud of who I have grown into during the coaching, someone with high ethic, deep integrity and heart bursting love for what I do and how I do it.  I am living my truth and passion everyday!

I gained as much from observing Sandra as a person during the coaching series as I did from the sessions themselves.  A role model worth learning from, she herself lives a rich and fulfilled life of passion, adventure, humour, brightness and love.  The wisdom she offers goes beyond any standard of coaching I’ve encountered before - such is her enthusiasm for what she does. 

Under Sandra’s guidance I co-authored 2 books including "That Sugar Guide" and "The Belly Book" - as well as several other smaller side projects. 

Be brave and open yourself to change in the hands of one of the most capable and loving souls around.  To work with Sandra is GOLD!

Zoe Gameau (nee Tuckwell-Smith) 
Author/Actor/Mother/Wife –
and now a World Changer!