Life Coach

A bit of background

I have worked in Australia, and internationally, for over thirty years, with hundreds of people to assist them to discover their potential, maximise their happiness and success, and create a life they love.  It’s been a true self expression for me, and a great way to spend my life.

It was a long journey.   I studied Gestalt psychology, I trained to be a counsellor, and then thirty years ago, I participated in the work of Landmark Education.   The “Curriculum for Living” has continued to stretch and develop me, and I still participate regularly.  I led introductions to the Landmark Forum for several years, and was a leader of the Self Expression and Leadership Programme.   I trained to be a Life Coach with Results Coaching Systems, where I eventually became a trainer of coaches and a national assessor. 

For twenty years I volunteered with an international non profit organisation for youth, World Youth International.   I was their passionate ambassador, and with a team of committed people, assisted the organisation to grow, enrolling dozens of people into our sponsorship programme.   I was the national trainer and fund raiser, I raised over $200,000 for international projects, including building an orphanage and a medical clinic in Kenya and an orphanage and a school in Nepal, of which I was honoured to become patron.  My particular passion was coaching our young participants here in Australia, both individually and in facilitating our annual leadership training programmes, and I took groups of young people on eight week programmes to Nepal and Indonesia developing their leadership and relationship skills.

 I have worked in remote areas in outback Australia with Indigenous people of all ages, coaching, mentoring and fostering leadership.  I worked with Expanding Horizons on a programme I feel very privileged to be associated with; for ten challenging days in a bush camp, I was one of three people who worked with twenty young men from very troubled backgrounds, preparing them to enter the workforce.   That experience changed my life and my understanding of the challenges of Indigenous Australians, and I am grateful.

But back to today - I particularly enjoy working with couples and with women of all ages.   I have worked with women from all backgrounds, from all professions from all around the world – and I understand the difficulties women face in trying to find a balance in life, especially between motherhood and  a career.

I am intuitive, a good listener and courageous enough to ask the tough questions.  I love working with people who are committed to creating extraordinary relationships, anyone committed to a cause and to making lasting change, and those who love a challenge.  I will help you gain insights, grow personally, and think differently to achieve your dreams - perhaps even things you never thought were possible.  And after all these years, I am still amazed at the extraordinary outcomes people produce in their lives during a coaching series.

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Coaching Structure and Ethic

A typical coaching series is twelve weeks long.  Why?  Because making lasting change and creating new habits takes at least three months.   We meet weekly in person, on the phone or Skype for one hour, except for the first session, which takes about an hour and a half.   In the first session, we create three inspiring goals, and in subsequent sessions, create a series of strategies and then week by week, choose actions which will assist you in making those goals a reality, and we deal with the breakdowns and challenges that inevitably occur along the way.  I will be 100% committed to your success, and I will never let you ‘off the hook’.

I also provide a ‘one off’ coaching session or a goal setting session.   

Previous clients sometimes return for a second series of coaching, or for guidance on a particular issue for one, two or three sessions.

What I expect from you

Coaching is like having a mentor, a manager, a personal trainer and a sports coach, all rolled into one;  it’s a rigorous, and at times, confronting process.  You won’t be twiddling your thumbs too often and you will be doing things differently.  It’s a big commitment of your time and money and I will expect you to be in action.  You will be accountable to me for the actions you choose to take on a weekly basis, and to deliver your ‘homework’ to me 24 hours before our next scheduled session.


My fees vary from client to client.  I’m expensive, I have a waiting list, and I only work with people when we have a strong connection, something  I feel is very important in the coaching relationship.   Arrogant?   Maybe - but at this stage of my fortunate life, I don’t have to work and I donate my fees to charity.  I do work pro bono with charities, causes and individuals I believe in who don’t have the money to afford my service.

Please contact me.

For Coaching requests or for more information:

If you are interested in having a coach to assist you to take charge of your life and are willing to take the necessary steps to get there.......... 


Sandra….the master blaster with a feather touch when needed. She leaves no stone unturned. Did I get my goals? - You bet! And some! - Andmuch, much more. My coach, my dear friend who changed my life.

Deb Saville - Professional Certified Coach &Enter-Trainer! Co-Founder & Manager of Born to Sing – W.A. 6028