Today I went to see a production of "Wuthering Heights" with Linda my neighbour at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.  It was performed by a Queensland Theatre Company called "Shake and Stir", and it was sensational.  Dramatic, powerful, dark, passionate - with Heathcliff at his glowering best.

As we were entering the auditorium, I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind, and a voice asked "May I ask you something?"  Turning, I said yes.  In front of me was a woman of my age, well dressed, and smiling.  "Were you at the Elvis Festival in Parkes in January?"  I was indeed.  Delighted, she said "I knew it!" And dug her elbow into her husband's ribs.  "I recognised you straight away!  Your hair looks SO beautiful!  May I stroke it?" But she already was.  "Why don't you wear it down more often?  I have only ever seen it in a pony tail!  And it's so shiny.  And soft!"  Her words tumbled out like a waterfall, as she continued to stroke my hair.   This woman had beautiful hair herself, an elegant, attractively made up woman, yet I could not recall her at all.  "You have such a good memory," I said.  "How did you remember me?"   She raised her eyebrows in surprise and said "Well, you have an unforgettable face, a striking face.  And you danced!   Well....... " - here she was lost for words for a couple of seconds, and then burst out "And your hair!"

I was so touched, so moved by this lady.  Singled out from a crowded venue from someone I wished I could recall, but could not, and showered with such unabashed generosity.  With tears in my eyes, I thanked her, and we exchanged a few words, had a heartfelt hug and went to separate parts of the theatre.  I felt amazing. 

She has stayed with me, I now know her name is Helen, and her kindness and generosity are a shining light.

Thank you Helen.   I'll remember you should we ever meet again.  



Sandra Groom