The Day I Met the Prime Minister

It was around 1987, I was 38 years old, in the prime of life, a professional, mature, and attractive (I now realise!) woman.   I had taken our son Joshua (then aged 10) and three of his mates to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney.  They were having a ball, I had a challenge keeping track of all of them, as they were running all over the place, going on rides, wanting show bags, eating ice cream and hot chips, just being the ‘boys’ that they were.


Suddenly, I was face to face with the Prime Minister of Australia. Bob Hawke.  I literally bumped into him, his eyes lit up, he beamed a big smile.  I could not believe who I was looking at.   His charisma hit me like a force.  My jaw dropped, and then inexplicably, I turned into a ‘teenage groupie’.  My heart pinged, I sighed, my knees shook, I squealed in delight, I flung myself at him, trying to hug him and shake his hand in my haste to ‘get acquainted’.  I think I may have tossed my hair.  And giggled.   All without a shred of shame.   And I forgot about the four boys in my charge, into the bargain.


It took only a couple of minutes, but his magnetism was a palpable thing.  I cannot remember what he said and I was speaking gibberish, but he was charming.  I clung to his hand, trying to prevent him from leaving, but his aides murmured in his ear, and as he said goodbye and walked away, I realised I was CRYING!   Yes, CRYING!  Then I realised, that all four boys, were standing, staring, open mouthed, at what had just happened.   Thank God, I hadn’t mislaid them in my brief encounter with the PM.


That had never happened to me in my life before - or since.  I met him again some time later, with Sue, their daughter at their home.   We became friends after meeting at Landmark Education some time after this happened.  His energy was just as mesmerising - as was Hazel’s - but on that occasion, I managed to behave myself and act like a grown up. 



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