My Father's Fable about our Family Name

Once upon a time long, long ago, in a land far far way (England, actually) the King went riding on a long journey through the forest with his men.

In those ancient days, not everybody had names. Names were only bestowed as an honour, to people of royal blood, the very wealthy, or those who had done something to deserve such an honour.

Can you imagine that?

The King grew weary after his long ride and stopped at a river to rest and to water their tired horses.

There were women washing clothes and cooking over open fires, and there were fishermen cleaning their catch. The King's men were hungry, and so he gave a Royal Command to one of the fishermen -

"Gut one fish!"

The fisherman quickly obeyed and handed the fish to the King, who was happy with the fat white fish he saw, and decreed -

"Gut two fish!"

The fisherman did as his King commanded, and again handed his over two fat white fish. The King nodded his head in satisfaction and said -

"Gut three!"

The fisherman wished to please the King and hurried to do as he was told, handing three more fish to him.

The King and his men fed well and the King was very pleased - so pleased that he decided to give that generous peasant fishermen a name.

And that name was Gut Three.

Which over the centuries became Guthrie.

Written in the Prama Hotel, Bali in March 2015

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