Brockie, The Boyfriend

Brockie is Cino’s favourite friend - and boyfriend - and he belongs to my dear neighbour Julie.  Brockie is a rescue doggie I fell in love with and brought home one Friday afternoon so he didn’t have to be incarcerated and alone for the weekend.  Julie and Phil had just a few months previously lost their beautiful little Jack Russell doggie - who happens to be the same breed as Brockie - and I played God and invited the two of them over for a visit.   They took one look at him and fell in love.  Brockie had found his forever home.

Cino adores him, and he similarly idolises her.  Like an old fashioned love song, ‘just the sound of his name’ makes her tilt her head and smile.   Her tail wags, her eyes shine, she barks and runs through the house looking for him, then she stands at the window scanning the beach in the hope of spying her lover.  Julie says Brockie does the same. 

Together they are a circus act, chasing and biting and play fighting and running like the wind.  After an hour of endless exercise, they collapse in a heap, and sleep.   It’s fun when they have regular sleepovers at each other’s houses, have play dates or a longer holiday, when either of our family goes away.  Brockie is a passionate toe biter (of humans, not Cino’s) and Cino is a committed face kisser - so the two of them together creates a unique set of delightful problems.

I love our doggie and I love how she loves Brockie, I love how she loves life. 

Blessed, in every way, are we.