This Rock, written at the beach

This rock has been broken many times.  It is criss-crossed with scars and patterns created over many ancient moons.

It has learned to renew itself and it has the magical ability to renew, restore, replenish and rebuild one very precious thing.

Our heart.

This rock can heal a heart broken by the absence or the death of loved ones, both human and animal.

This rock can regrow the love lost when we have experienced neglect or indifference.

This rock can heal a heart damaged by ill health.

This rock can repair relationships which were broken by betrayal.

This rock can restore safety and security when we are lost, afraid or alone.

This rock can replenish our self esteem when we have lost - our work, our home, or dignity, our strength or our courage.

Can our heart grow stronger every time it is broken?


Sandra GroomComment