Home again - 12th February 2015

Well, its almost 3.30 pm on Thursday afternoon, so I have been here in my home for 27 hours.   I just woke up from an hour nap, as suddenly, I felt as if I had been hit by a bus! – Cino and I returned from an hour and a half walk in the sunshine on the beach, I made us lunch – and then WHAM, I felt soooo exhausted!   Last night, a neighbour was walking his dog, and crossed our front lawn, yelled hello, walked over to greet me, and said “Welcome Home!  You look like SHIT!”    Nothing like the Australian vernacular for stating the obvious.  That’s what 27 hours door to door of international travel will do for you.


My darling husband and doggie gave me a rapturous welcome at the airport, where I immediately had to strip off my leggings, and my cami in the car and change into a cotton dress and sandals.  I talked non stop all the way home.   The weather was 32C and the skies wide and blue and cloudless, and as we journeyed down south to our piece of paradise, the rolling green hills on one side and the blue blue ocean on the other, I once more thanked God for my many, many blessings.  And for you.  At the risk of annoying Beverly, I say to your family from the bottom of my heart – thank you for the sense of belonging, for the love, for the many acts of generosity and thoughtfulness, for the fun and the tears and the clothing and the food, for the wine you poured, for sharing your homes and your families and friends, for holding me tight so I never fell over in the snow and ice – and for a myriad of small and large things you did to make my whirlwind adventure and surprise a truly memorable, wondrous journey.

I was astonished yesterday.   On arrival, I immediately unpacked every single thing, did two huge loads of washing and Gerald and I hung everything on the line to dry, we walked the dog on the beach for an hour, made a couple of phone calls, and then made  a delicious casserole of barramundi (a delicious Aussie fish), potatoes, onions and tomatoes – tomatoes and parsley and basil and chilli just picked from the herb garden – with a wonderful fish stock I had in the freezer.   I had a large gin and tonic, and got into a HUGE bath of fragrant smelling water (courtesy of Jo Lyn, please thank her).  Ate dinner, watched TV, where I fell asleep for an hour, and then went to  bed at my regular hour of 10 pm.   I woke up at 5.30 am, refreshed and ready for my day, which was just as well, as the Baby Cino dog was ready to go out for a wee.

Now I am heading to the osteopath for my “maintenance”, and straight on to a 1.5 hour yin yoga class.  I have a beef and tomato casserole (out of the freezer I must confess) ready to warm with some rice.

My darling has a grin from ear to ear, and Cino cannot stop wagging her tail.   When I opened the door to let her out of the laundry this morning, she went mad – ‘OH WOW ITS MOM!  OH WOW I HAD FORGOTTEN YOU HAD COME HOME!  OH WOW THIS IS A HAPPY DAY!” kind of wild body wriggling and tail wagging.    Gerald greets me much the same.   It’s a good thing to have a break now and then!

Dickie, I shan’t be unintentionally trying to gas the whole house whilst trying to make a cup of tea before you wake, nor shall I be employing your strength to remain upright in the snow.    Beverly, no more wires draped across your dining room and party poopers crashing early in your house.  Nath, no more bare footed, red toe nailed early risers in your house who want to stand in the snow and take one hundred photos.  Yvonne, you can have ALL the gin to yourself, and won’t have to trail the health food aisle looking for rare food.   Until NEXT time.

I love you, and I miss feeling a part of a large, loving, slightly whacky American family.

Blessings from Down Unda,

Sandra and Gerald and The Baby Cino xxxx