My Friend June's Birthday - 20th June 2013

Today June is 74 and I sang Happy Birthday to her, off key - on the phone.   I took her to lunch at the South African restaurant in Berry yesterday and she ate boerewors for the first time.  She was breathless with excitement.    June has become my Big Sister since my own big sister and small brother sent me an email in August 2010 advising me they had no wish to communicate with me anymore, and any mail I sent them would not be answered.  

June reminds me of my mother in many ways, the way a Big Sister sometimes does, I guess.   They were 16 years apart in age, but both shared that same hard working, selfless, practical, flour on their hands, basket of ironing completed, kitchen floor scrubbing, roast in the oven, knitting, sewing, baby loving, stretching a dollar, do anything for your kids generation of women.  She also, like my Mom, and unlike my real big sister is a decidedly happy soul, who laughs readily and sees the good in every situation, the best in every person, believes that every cloud has a silver lining, and is generous physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  She expresses her gratitude for her life and her love every day.

I love her deeply.   Happy Birthday June darling!


Note:  This was written six years ago and June is about to turn 80.   I love her more than ever.